Electrical Engineering

(A)Electrical System (Design and Build)
  • Electrical Sub – Station
  • Transformer and Switches Gear Supply and Install
  • Main Distribution Panels, Distribution Panels supply and install
  • General Light Fitting supply and install
  • Special Light Fitting supply and install
  • Lightning protection system supply and install
  • Earthing system supply and install
  • Diesel / Gas Generator Set supply and install
  • Generator Limited Auto Power Supply System to Apartments
  • Underground Power & Control Cable Laying with its Termination
  • Industrial and Commercial Building Electrical Wiring
  • Industrial & Street Lighting Pole
  • Explosion Proof Lighting & Equipment
  • Electrical Wiring System
(B) Extra Low Voltage System and ICT Service Division
  • Structural Cabling
  • Telecommunication Systems
  • UPS System
  • Data Networks
  • GPON System (Design and Build)
  • PABX System (Design and Build)
  • CCTV System (Design and Build)
  • Wireless and Network system (Design and Build)
  • Car Park Barrier (Design and Build)
  • Turnstile System (Design and Build)
  • Card Access system (Design and Build)
  • Public Announcement system (Design and Build)
  • Audio and Video system (Design and Build)

Fire Suppression System Maintenance & Refill Novec-1230 Clean Agent Cylinder

I.Fire Suppression Clean Agent Cylinder Refilling

  • Novec-1230 Cylinder Repair,Refill & Recharge
  • UL/ULC listed Clean Agent recycling and refilling facility
  • 24 Hrs On-call Emergency System(Service/Cylinder Recharge & Refilling)
  • Orient Fire Systems guaranties that all clean agent has been tested with certificates.

II.Fire Suppression System Maintenance & Monthly Services

  • Annual/ Monthly Servicing(Overall)
  • Fire Suppression System Annual/Monthly Services(FM200,Novec-1230)
  • Kitchen Fire Suppression System Annual/Monthly Services(Eco-7)

Mechanical Engineering

  • Air Conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation System (Design and Build)
  • Plumbing and Sanitary System (Design and Build)
    • Pipe Fabrication/Welding/Erection/Insulation
    • Structural Fabrication/Welding/Erection
    • Portable Cold and Hot Tap Water Supply
    • Plumbing Drainage Venting
    • Sewage Systems and Septic Systems with or without Hot Water Heat Recycling and Graywater Recovery and Treatment Systems
    • Rainwater, Surface, and Subsurface Water Drainage
    • Fuel Gas Piping

Fire Alarm System

  • (A) Conventional Fire Alarms Systems Supply & Install
    • (Fire Alarm System Design, Installation, Inspection and Approvals and Service and Maintenance)
  • (B) Addressable Fire Alarms System Supply & Install
    • (Fire Alarm System Design, Installation, Inspection and Approvals and Service and Maintenance)
  • (C) VESDA(Very Early Smoke Detection System)System Supply & Install
    • (Fire Alarm System Design, Installation, Inspection and Approvals and Service and Maintenance)
  • When Electrical Contractors are retained to install a full or partial system, UOME can provide:
    • Filing of Plans and Specifications,
    • Field Drawings,
    • All Components,
    • System Test,
    • Inspection and Approval from Myanmar Fire Service Department.

Fire Fighting System

  • Fire Sprinkler System supply and install
  • Fire HoseReel System supply and install
  • Fire Hydrant System supply and install
  • Dry Riser & Wet Riser System supply and install
  • Fire Service Mains/Private Fire Hydrants
  • Fire pumps/Water Storage Tanks
  • Water Spray System /Foam-Water System
  • Water Mist System

Fire Suppression System

  • Fire Prevention & Suppression System Supply & Install(FM 200,Novec-1230)
  • Kitchen Fire Suppression System Supply & Install(Eco-7)
  • Automatic Fire Suppression-Vehicle System Supply & Install(FE-36,FK-5112,FOAM)