United Orient Myanmar Engineering Group, formed with international experienced engineers in various engineering fields since 2012, employs a knowledgeable and motivated team. With an emphasis on training and personnel development, staff are encouraged to continually add to their awareness and experience. Key members have worked within the safety industry for many years with in-depth knowledge on design and installation of various engineering scopes. Our quality management team was formed with international experienced engineers and well positioned to serve the global market. Orient Myanmar provides consultancy, supervision and simplementation services in new construction, renovation and extension of factories and plants including project facilitiy study, construction of foundation, superstructure, machine installation, test running and commissioning up to commercial operation.


United Orient Myanmar Engineering’s vision is to be Myanmar’s premier general contractor always striving to deliver construction works to complex projects with excellence. Our track record has proven that, regardless of all challenges, we deliver the work to the highest standards on time and on budget.


UOME endeavors to be the market leader and preferred general contractor, widely recognized for superior M&E expertise. We achieved consistency in the delivery of high quality services and add value for clients through proactivity, transparency in communication, timely completion of projects, and high quality performance. We practice sustainability to safeguard our environment, and maintain the highest levels of professionalism, honesty, and trust in our relationships with clients, employees, and affiliates.